New 91 metre wellboat starts work for Mowi

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The addition of Ronja Herøy is part of Sølvtrans’s effort to expand and modernize its operations.

Norwegian fish transport company Sølvtrans recently took delivery of a new wellboat built by Sefine Shipyard of Turkey.

The Ronja Herøy’s main task will be to transport salmon to Mowi’s processing plant in Herøy.

While it generally takes a year to fully optimize a new boat’s performance, Ronja Herøy has already managed to transport 750 tons of fish, close to its 800-ton capacity, Captain Ketil Johansen told local newspaper Heroyfjerdingen.

Map: AquaFacts

The boat runs on electric propulsion and can use both LNG gas and diesel oil. It has a cruising speed of 12 knots and can accommodate 16 people. The crew typically includes seven members, along with two apprentices and a cadet.

Sølvtrans operates over 40 vessels. Its largest, Ronja Storm, is 116 meters long and 23 meters wide, with a fish tank capacity of 7,450 cubic meters, significantly more than standard wellboats, according to Norwegian aquaculture news site iLaks.

The addition of Ronja Herøy is part of Sølvtrans’s effort to expand and modernize its operations in aquaculture shipping.

Designed by Salt Ship Design in compliance to DNV class requirements, Ronja Herøy is the first in a series of wellboats that will each have transport capacities of up to 5,000 cubic metres of live salmon. Sefine Shipyard said that, during the vessel’s construction phase, special attention was paid to ensure crew safety, fish welfare, and compliance with Norwegian requirements for the transport of live salmon while making the vessel’s environmental footprint as low as possible.


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