New algae attack eradicated Cermaq site

Andreas Witzøe

Toxic algae bloom returned to site in Northern Norway.

“We had hoped to save the fish that was left there, but we didn’t,” said Astrid Aam, communications manager at Cermaq to SalmonBusiness.

The site in question is located in the innermost part of teh Ofotfjord, which Cermaq has through its ownership in Ballangen Sjøfarm. This was one of the very first sites that were attacked by the algae, which has ravaged Nordland and Troms regions since mid-May.

“We got a new algae attack in Ofoten the last 24 hours, and lost about 50,000 fish with an average weight of about three kilos,” says Aam.

At the site there were about two million fish before the algae came.

“With the 50,000 we lost now we have lost all the fish at this site,” says Aam and adds:

“We had hoped to save the fish that was left there, but we didn’t.”

Cermaq started a large-scale rescue operation before the weekend, and has successfully completed an evacuation of four million fish from three locations in Nordland.

Altogether, Cermaq has lost approximately 2.8 million fish, or 3,500 tons of biomass, after the toxic algae bloom.


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