New Chinese offshore fish farm launched

Editorial staff

Nothing is saved as China begins to build up its own salmon industry.

In Weihai, around 50 kilometers east of the shipyard town Yantai, where Nordlaks’ new offshore farm is under construction, a new steel cage has been launched for salmon farming.

Weihai Haien Blue Sea Aquaculture’s new steel cage “Lan Xin” was recently towed from the Weihai port terminal. After six hours of towing, to the sea site at Chudao, two hours of mooring followed, reports the website Weixin reports.

158 meters long technology
Yellow painted “Lan Xin” is 158 meters long and 54 meters wide and consists of two octagonal cages that hold a total volume of 80,000 cubic meters.

The web system is designed in a collaboration by the duo Zhoushan Neptune and Aqua Knowledge. The latter is a subsidiary of Norwegian fish farm supply firm Mørenot.

Emerging industry
The farm will be used for Atlantic salmon production, operated by the Weihai Haien Blue Aquaculture, and is an important part of the emerging salmon industry cluster in eastern China. SalmonBusiness has previously reported several offshore facilities for salmon in this region.

“Lan Xin” is equipped with automatic feeding, underwater camera and water quality monitoring. Operations can be controlled with tablets and mobile phones, and feeding can be managed from land.