New closed cage for Hiddenfjord

editorial staff

The Faroese breeder Hiddenfjord has now placed an order for a third closed cage of the type Certus 15000, after an initial order of two earlier this year.

“It is very gratifying that Hiddenfjord is now investing in closed production at sea. At the beginning of 2022, they will have 45,000 cubic meters of sheltered and lice-free production volume in Sørvågsfjorden,” said Magnus Stendal, Business Development Manager at FiiZK, in a press release.

The Trondheim, Norway based fish farming supplier FiiZK is already well underway with the delivery of the first two closed cages to Hiddenfjord. Construction is taking place in collaboration with local players in the Faroe Islands, including the MEST shipyard.

“This is the same delivery model that we use in Canada, and which we have great faith in,” said FiiZK project manager Børge Sneisen.

“Our ambition is that as much of the production as possible in the long run will be taken care of locally,” he added.


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