New delousing concept from Steinsvik has a capacity of 300 tonnes of fish per hour

Press release

During this year’s Aqua Nor in Trondheim, Steinsvik launched the Thermolicer system V.

System V is based on the principles of the company’s existing Thermolicer and utilizes lukewarm water as a treatment method. The delousing must take place directly in the

Tore Laastad. PHOTO: Steinsvik

fish transport system and eliminates the need for a fish pump and a separate treatment unit.

Many advantages
“System V will provide many benefits”, says Tore Laastad, Sales Manager for Thermolicer in Steinsvik.

“By removing one stage of the process, we reduce the total time the fish is out of the sea, thus reducing the total amount of stress the fish experiences. The most important thing for us is fish health,” says Laastad.

Laastad says that perfecting the new system has not happened overnight.

“We have spent a lot of time developing a system that we consider better than today’s Thermolicer solution. Still, it is naturally important for us that the fish does not come into contact with moving parts or damage itself against walls or edges.”

Capacity of 300 tonnes per hour
System V is covered by the existing Thermolicer patent, giving the ability to regulate the holding time in tempered water 100% accurately.

“We look forward to hearing the response from the market and are already embarking on the prototype. The first unit will be in operation by next spring and will have a capacity of 300 tonnes per hour,” concludes Laastad.


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