New digital tool promises to predict future harvest volumes using AI

Editorial Staff

Clients have been asking for help in anticipating upcoming future harvest volumes says AquaFacts founder. 

Digital platform Aquafacts has introduced predictive analytics for upcoming harvesting volumes in Norway.

Hanus Samro, co-founder of Aquafacts, revealed that the company has refined its algorithms to meet user demand for forward-looking data.

The platform, which covers an array of industry assets from fish farms and smolt facilities to vessel movements and factories has been providing daily harvesting updates that have garnered widespread appreciation.

AquaFacts co-founder Hanus Samró. Photo: AquaFacts

To add value, Aquafacts has now leveraged big data, machine learning, and advanced algorithms to analyze and visualize vessel activities, providing near-real-time insights.

“We are never going to be as accurate as the salmon companies because they have access to their own internal data. Instead, we aim to offer broader industry insights that allow these companies to benchmark their data against our estimates,” said Samro.

The inspiration for this new feature came from the AquaNor conference in Trondheim in August, where the Aquafacts team met with a number of stakeholders. The common theme across the industry — including amongst fish farmers, vessel owners, and importers — was the need to anticipate future harvest volumes.

While Samro acknowledges that motives for this information vary — with some parties interested in pricing implications and others in planning logistics — the company has worked fast to implement the update.

“As a dynamic startup, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness to our users. This update to our platform marks a major step towards the transformation of decision-making in the aquaculture industry to a data driven model,” said Samro.


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