New land-based salmon farmer announces project in France’s leading fishing port – 15,000 tonnes in Boulogne Sur Mer

Pure Salmon has competition.

In a public notice, the company Local Ocean write that it has expressed an interest in building a 15,000 tonnes land-based salmon farm in Boulogne Sur Mer, Northern France. At first, it wants to produce 8,500 tonnes.

The salmon farmer wants to produce 5kg commercial-sized salmon in seawater at the RAS facility at a site in Calais Port.

Total investment in the project is expected to be over EUR 106 million. EUR 36 million of which will be spent on buying a 45,500 m2 site.

Local Ocean is registered in Switzerland. Société d’exploitation des ports du Détroit (SEPD) (The Detroit Ports Operating Corporation), the structure especially created to finance, build and maintain Calais Port 2015 for 50 years, is also involved.

In January, it was announced that Pure Salmon – the company behind a series of ambitious large scale land-based salmon farms around the world – is building a 10,000-tonne in Boulogne Sur Mer, Northern France. It aims to deliver its first harvest of market-size salmon in 2023.

SalmonBusiness asked Pure Salmon in mid-August if there were any updates concerning a potential site. A spokesperson said: “Everything is moving ahead as expected but there are no specific updates”.