New land-based salmon farming project next to Great Lakes gets aquaculture licence approval

Georgian Bay Innovation Group joins the RAS race for site in Lake Ontario.

Lake Shore Advance reports that the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry (MNRF) has approved the aquaculture licence for a new land-based salmon farm.

The company, called Georgian Bay Innovation Group (GBIG), sent a letter to South Bruce Peninsula’s Economic Development Office giving a brief outline of its plans.

Stephen McNeill, the company’s vice-president of communications, told the publication that “without that approval, the project would not have moved forward”.

Once the facility is approved and design criteria for environmental is met, he added that it will take about “four years to get into full production”.

“Georgian Bay Innovation Group has decades of experience. The RAS technology has existed for several decades and, while there are continual evolutionary improvements as is the case with any innovations, the technological foundation is sound and we possess the expertise and experience to ensure safe and proper construction and operation,” it was outlined in a document from GBIG, given to authorities.

SalmonBusiness has contacted GBIG to find out what production capacity is.