New licences will secure increased fish volumes for new SalMar processing plant

Aslak Berge

A new industrial powerhouse is to be created in northern Norway.

The auction of new farming capacity for aquaculture licenses under the auspices of the Ministry of Food and Fisheries is now complete with SalMar Group purchasing a total of 2,132 tonnes of new MAB capacity.

The price tag was EUR 38,6 million.

The capacity is 443 tonnes in production area 7, with a total consideration of EUR 9,8 million. Remaining volume of 1,689 tonnes is divided into production areas 10-13, with a total remuneration of EUR 38,5 million.

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“During the auction, SalMar Group has prioritised production areas 10-13, covering the area from Andøya to Senja. About 80 percent of the new license volume is assigned to the company’s business here” said Olav-Andreas Ervik in a press release.

SalMar said it wished to invest in the northern part of Norway in Troms to create an “industrial powerhouse” in the company’s development.

“An important reason for this geographical emphasis during the auction has been our desire to secure raw materials for the company’s planned salmon processing plant in Midt-Troms. In the near future, it will be decided where the new processing plant will be established with an investment of almost NOK 700 million (EUR 74.3 million)” Ervik said.

“An industrial commitment to this extent requires a good and stable supply of raw materials to the new plant. The additional licensing volume that SalMar has now purchased will be an important contribution to ensuring this raw material approach.”


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