New losses for land-based salmon farmer. Danish Salmon has only been in the black once since its inception in 2009

Aslak Berge

Losses continue.

There have been no celebrations for land-based salmon farming in Denmark.

Danish Salmon, which has been competing with Atlantic Sapphire-owned Langsand Laks for a number of years, to be the world’s largest land-based salmon farmer posted a new loss from last year.

Pre-tax profit was EUR -0.7 million in 2020. Turnover was EUR 6.1 million.

The Hirtshals-based fish farming company was established in 2009. Only one year has Danish Salmon posted a small surplus (in 2018). The rest has been losses. Things got particularly bad in 2015, when the company posted a EUR 4.5 million loss.

Danish Salmon’s facilties. PHOTO: Andreas Witzøe

The business was acquired by two Japanese conglomerates in April 2020. It was then announced that Marubeni and Nippon Suisan Kaisha had entered into an agreement to acquire 66.7 per-cent of the shares in Danish Salmon.

In 2020, the facility produced around 1,100 tonnes of salmon. Following the acquisition, the plan is to expand the site, so that production can be 2,700 tonnes each year.

Danish Salmon has 18 employees.


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