New Minister of Fisheries encourages as many as possible to participate in final salmon auction

Editorial staff

Norway’s Ministry of Fisheries will auction off over 400 tons of new salmon farming permits.

A total of 14,945 tonnes of new capacity were sold through the auction in June, which corresponded to about 97 percent of all the licences for sale.

There are 414 tonnes of maximum permitted biomass (MTB) distributed in several production areas, which are now being put up for sale. A minimum price of NOK 120,000 (EUR 12.3) per ton MTB has been set, the ministry reported in a press release.

“The aquaculture industry provides jobs and activity throughout the country. The government wants this important industry to grow further. Therefore, I urge most participants to take part when we carry out the final part of the salmon auction,” said new Minister of Fisheries Harald T. Nesvik.

“There is only a small amount left, but the government has ambitions to get the most growth. This is a win-win situation for the industry, which grows, and for salmon municipalities, which get billions of revenue from sales,” he continued.


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