New money for old rope? Garware launches recycled range in Chile

Editorial Staff

The new ropes from Garware are produced from 100% reprocessed copolymers.

Garware Technical Fibres has introduced Renew Ropes, the first ropes made entirely from recycled materials, aiming to support sustainability in the salmon farming industry.

The use of these ropes results in a 50% reduction in carbon footprint compared to traditional ropes.

Marcos Jofré, Business Associate at Garware Technical Fibres Chile, stated, “The introduction of 100% recycled ends shows our commitment to the Clean Production Agreement (CPA), circularity, and the reduction of plastic waste, contributing to sustainability throughout the product life cycle.”

Renew Ropes are designed to meet industry standards for useful life, density, weight, resistance to traction, fatigue, and abrasion. They are suitable for various applications, including maritime, sports, fishing, and aquaculture, and are available in three and eight strands.

The ropes are produced from 100% reprocessed copolymers, ensuring high-quality raw materials. This initiative not only utilizes plastic waste effectively but also reduces the need for new material production. The product is already being supplied to the Norwegian market, with positive reception, and hopes are high for similar success in Chile.

“Offering ropes made of recycled raw materials, like Renew Ropes, which reduce the carbon footprint by 50%, is a significant contribution to our clients’ sustainability strategies,” emphasized Jofré.

Prodalam distributes Garware ropes for the aquaculture industry in Chile through a strategic alliance that has lasted for a decade. Alberto Pino, Aquaculture Manager at Prodalam, stated, “We support the development of this Garware line with a wide range of ropes at good costs and large stock availability for salmon production regions.”


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