New Mowi CEO shakes up senior leadership team and reorganises global farming division

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The changes will be effective from 1 January 2020.

In a statement on the Oslo Stock Exchange, Mowi writes that it has announced changes to its organisational structure and its Group Management Team.

“Over the past few years, we have seen increasing biological issues and costs in our farming division. It is undoubtedly more challenging to be a farmer today than just a few years back. In order to meet these challenges, we have decided to strengthen the leadership resources in our Group Management Team,” said newly appointed Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim.

Further to this, Mowi is dividing its current global farming division into three:

* Farming Norway
* Farming Scotland and Ireland
* Farming Americas and the Faroes (Chile, Canada and the Faroes)

Per-Roar Gjerde will be the COO of Farming Americas and the Faroes. He will also lead Farming Norway until we have found the right permanent candidate for this position. Experienced salmon farmer Per-Roar Gjerde has been with Mowi for almost 20 years. He has been MD of Region West, MD of Chile, COO Farming Norway and Chile, and COO Global Farming. He has also previously lived in Chile when he was MD of Chile.

Ben Hadfield takes on the position of COO Farming Scotland and Ireland. “He is our most experienced farmer in the UK and has held various positions in Mowi Farming Scotland since 2000, including being MD of Mowi Farming Scotland since 2016,” wrote Mowi.

Atle Kvist is stepping up as the new COO Feed, succeeding Ben Hadfield. “Atle Kvist is currently MD of Mowi Feed and is a very experienced feed executive with a strong proven track record, having previously been MD of EWOS Norway before joining Mowi in 2019,” added the salmon farmer

“I am delighted that Per-Roar Gjerde, Ben Hadfield and Atle Kvist have agreed to bring their extensive expertise and experience to these new positions. This will enable us to adopt an even more hands-on approach in managing our farming entities. We will now begin the job of finding the best candidate to run Mowi Farming Norway on a permanent basis,” said Vindheim.

The announced changes to the organisation will not impact Mowi’s financial reporting structure.

The new Group Management Team consists of:

* CEO: Ivan Vindheim
* CFO: Kristian Ellingsen
* COO Farming Americas and the Faroes, and interim COO Farming Norway: Per-
Roar Gjerde
* COO Farming Scotland and Ireland: Ben Hadfield
* COO Sales & Marketing: Ola Brattvoll
* COO Feed: Atle Kvist
* Chief Technology Officer: Øyvind Oaland
* Chief HR Officer: Anne Lorgen Riise
* Chief Sustainability Officer: Catarina Martins


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