New photos: This is what it looks now like on the cargo ship “Eemslift Hendrika”

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The Norwegian Maritime Directorate shared photos from the rescued vessel.

The Norwegian Maritime Directorate (NMA) visited the Dutch cargo ship, which is now in port just outside Ålesund, Western Norway, on Friday.

“It is clear that there are great forces that have been in full swing,” NMA communications director Dag Inge Aarhus told the national broadcaster NRK.

Photo: Norwegian Maritime Directorate

Harsh weather
The images were released on Monday, a week after the ship was left operating without engine power and crew in the Norwegian Sea after the cargo shifted.

“What we want to find out is whether it is severe weather that has caused the load to shift, or if there are other factors that have caused the ship to scramble,” said Aarhus.

Photo: Norwegian Maritime Directorate

The Dutch authorities are responsible for finding out what went wrong, but the experts from the NMA will also look into the ship.

“As it is in Norwegian waters, we also have the same interest, which is why we are conducting this audit this week,” said Aarhus.

Ocean emergency
It was Monday of last week “Eemslift Hendrika” came into the sea in a startling storm in the sea west of Ålesund.

The vessel lopsided 40-50 degrees and the crew was evacuated.

Photo: Norwegian Maritime Directorate

Onboard the ship there were four aquaculture boats commissioned by Moen Marin in Kolvereid. One of these, the 24-metre long “AQS Tor”, was thrown off the cargo deck in the storm.

In two separate rescues, both “AQS Tor” and “Eemslift Hendrika” were towed to shore.


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