New player plans to produce 25,000 tonnes of land-based salmon

Aslak Berge

Averøy Industriprak has big plans.

“The establishment of a land-based fish farm is planned, with planned production of salmon from eggs to full-sized fish, with an annual production of 20,000 tonnes,” according to a building application SalmonBusiness has been given access to.

The building plans are located in Smedvågen in Averøy, Western Norway.

In addition to hatcheries, smolt facilities and fish growing facilities, the company will establish harvest facilities, office facilities, dorms and administration areas.

ILLUSTRATION: Averøy Industriprak

Oil base
“The area is regulated for industry, and as of today there is an oil service base in the construction area,” the application papers stated. The area of application is 142 acres, regulated for industrial purposes.

“The facility is intended to be developed in two phases. First phase – annual production of 5,000 tonnes of salmon. 2nd phase – annual production of 20,000 tonnes of salmon,” it was further stated in the application.

Stavanger capital
The applicant is the company Averøy Industriprak (formerly known as Averøy Base), which is located in Stavanger, South Norway.

This company is, through several companies wholly-owned by Wahlberg Industrier, owned by one-third of each by the oil industry player Odd Engelsgjerd and real estate investors Trond Jacobsen and Arne Incoronato.


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