New processing vessel raises job loss fears

Editorial staff

This autumn, Hav Line will launch its latest harvest boat between Norway and Denmark. However, does the popularity of “processing” vessels spell jobs losses for the industry?

Among those worried is Norway’s Labor Party’s spokeswoman, Ruth Grung.

The harvest boat will go to the Danish seaport, Hirtshals, a city that has lost many jobs in recent years.

Job loss
“20 years ago the harbour was full of fishing boats. Now everything is rationalised, streamlined and there are only big boats left. I can say to those in Norway who now fear job losses: I know what it’s like to lose jobs,” said Arne Boelt, Mayor of Hjørring Municipality, to Bergens Tidende.

The new processing vessel “Norwegian Gannet” will provide 100 new jobs in Denmark’s largest fishing port.

“Of course, I am really pleased that Norway is outside the EU. It has given us many cooperation projects. But when I talk to my colleagues in Bergen, Stavanger and Kristiansand (Norway) we discuss how we can support each other. Because we have a damn hard competitor in the Eastern European countries.

“”Norwegian Gannet” is important, but also so are all the trucks loaded with salmon from Norway. A fee is payable to the port for each tonne shipped on land. Hirtshals has become the leading salmon area in Denmark,” added Boelt.

Ole Hatlebakk, a fish export veterinarian who runs O. H. Fish, which processes fresh salmon almost every day in its own factory in Hirtshals said: “There may be fewer jobs in Norway, but the Norwegian salmon packagings will never disappear completely. What is happening now is innovation and new technology. For development can never be stopped,” he said to the publication.


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