New vaccine choices “a good thing”

Ole Alexander Saue

MSD Animal Health’s newly hired general manager for Scandinavia, the Welshman Dafydd Morris, is ready for a hardening of competition after Elanco’s DNA-derived vaccine against pancreas-disease, or PD, was recently taken into use in Norwegian grow-outs.

MSD Animal Health, the dominant supplier of PD vaccines, might see competition of a type they haven’t experienced. Fish-health outfit, Fomas’s, general manager, Solveig Nygaard, said she believes the DNA-type vaccine could take over Norway.

“I’m completely sure that this will become the dominant vaccine in Norway,” Nygaard told SalmonBusiness on Monday.

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New development
Morris was in London this week but was answering emails. He chose not to comment on Nygaard’s remark.

“New vaccine technology are an interesting development. We have a strong R&D focus looking to address a range of health challenges in animal health,” Morris said.

“Choice in the market place is a good thing,” he added, adding that the company is always aiming it renew itself. “MSD Animal Health is constantly working on new animal health solutions.”

What do you think about Elanco’s new vaccine?

“Knowledge of any new vaccine is built up through both lab and field studies. Commercial use is one aspect of data-gathering and is a valuable tool to assess a vaccine’s efficacy and safety,” he said.


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