New York-based Acme Smoked Fish takes over half of Danish smokehouse

Aslak Berge

Historic company sees potential in Norlax.

The Danish online news service Food Supply reports that ownership of the Danish smokehouse Norlax is to be split with Acme and Norlax director Ole Clemmensen.

“We work with people we believe in, and Norlax has been producing high-quality smoked fish in Denmark for the last 100 years. My family and I are confident that they are as dedicated to producing the world’s best-smoked fish as we are,” Acme manager Adam Caslow told Seafood Source.

Norlax has 170 employees, producing smoked salmon, trout and mackerel. Annually, 4,000 tonnes of finished goods are produced, divided into own brands and private labels.

In 2019, the business had a profit of EUR 0.3 million and equity of EUR 6 million.


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