New Zealand King Salmon premium brand to enter US retail market

New Zealand King Salmon is expanding with distribution in American supermarket chain Fresh Thyme Farmers Market.

In a press release, NZ King Salmon writes that it will launch its premium Regal Fresh King Salmon fillets brand at all Fresh Thyme Market grocery stores across ten Midwest states.

“We are delighted to become Fresh Thyme Market’s strategic supplier for top-grade salmon,” said New Zealand King Salmon vice president North America Michael Fabbro. “The chain’s shoppers have already said yes to our smoked salmon line,” he said on the range which was launched last year.

King Salmon is priced higher than the average farmed salmon and was mostly sold to high-end consumers and restaurants. In May, New Zealand King Salmon CEO Grant Rosewarne told SalmonBusiness that it was selling around 38-40 tonnes of salmon a week to the States.

Regal New Zealand King Salmon is selling at an initial promotional price of USD 28.6 /kilo.

But as the salmon launch is happening against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, the company says that this has yielded new opportunities to tap into rising demand for salmon from specialty food consumers who are cooking more at home.


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