New Zealand salmon farmer expects boosted sales of hot smoked salmon in the next 10 years

Katrina Poulsen

Increased demand for both cold and hot smoked salmon in Australia seeks The New Zealand King Salmon to set sky-high goals for the next ten years to come. 

The king salmon farmer is anticipating for a 350 per cent increase in its sales of hot smoked salmon in Australia by 2030. From selling hot smoked salmon for AUD 40 million (EUR 24 million) in 2020 to over AUD 180 million (EUR 108 million) in 2030.

“The growing interest for hot smoked salmon both in NZ and in Europe and the US has shown us, that this segment has great potential,” said Grant Rosewarne to SalmonBusiness.

The current world pandemic has according to the New Zealand salmon farmer pushed forward the need to provide closer markets, as the cost on air freight to its main markets US and Japan has grown by 20-30 per cent.

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“The COVID-19 has made it clear, that our 10-year strategy to reach larger parts of the Australian market is a good strategy. Smoked salmon is the fastest-growing segment in supermarkets here, so we expect the same prospects for Australia,” said Grant Rosewarne.

April was according to CEO Grant Rosewarne the hardest in the company’s history. 40 per cent of the sales were scrapped away. This loss made it clear a closer market as Australia, could be a more sustainable growth strategy for the company.

As for sales of cold-smoked salmon, the company expects a 30 per cent increase in sales by 2030.

The New Zealand King Salmon expects to sell for AUD 130 million in 2020 (EUR 78 million) in Australia and awaits to reach sales of AUD 170 million (EUR 102 million) in 2030.



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