Next stop is RAS for shrimp farming

Katrina Poulsen

There is still a long way to go to make an effective and modern way of shrimp farming and this journey is one that Billund Aquaculture is looking at providing facilities for. 

“Shrimps are a gigantic unpolished market, which today uses a very unsustainable way of farming, which is both ineffective and bad for the environment,” says Christian Sørensen, founder of Billund Aquaculture, to SalmonBusiness.

Billund Aquaculture is today the leading supplier of RAS technology used worldwide and their technology and facilities are used in 30 % of all salmon farming. They are looking at possibilities of how to innovate their technology, so it can be used in the long run to grow both shrimps and other shellfish.

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“There are other factors when dealing with shrimps, but our technology has come a long way during the last 30 years, so we believe this will also be possible with the right intelligence,” says Christian Sørensen.

The company cannot say anything about when this technology might be ready and the mechanic behind.

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