NFT enters into four long-term wellboat agreements and will also build two new wellboats for €72 million

Stian Olsen

NTS’s subsidiary Norsk Fisketransport (NFT) has signed long-term chartering agreements for four wellboats with big salmon player.

In addition, the company will build two new wellboats, the company confirmed in a press release on Tuesday afternoon.

Two of the agreements have been signed as time charter agreements (TC) on two 3,200m3 wellboats. The other two contracts apply to two wellboats of 3,200m3 respectively and 1,000 cubic meters. The TC agreements are both signed for a period of eight years, with an option of two plus two years. The other agreements apply for three years, with an option for a further three years.

“The agreements give us a long-term horizon and opportunities to further develop wellboat services together with a professional and exciting customer,” wrote NTF CEO Oddleif Wigdahl.

Two new wellboats
NFT has also entered into an agreement with Havyard Ship Technology for the construction of two wellboats, each with a loading capacity of 3,200m3 (corresponding to up to 640 tonnes of live fish).

The new vessels have a total price of about EUR 72 million and will be the sister ships to “Steigen” (delivered 2017), “Namsos” (2015) and “Havtrans” (2014).

For one of the vessels, NFT will trigger an option that was entered into in connection with contracting of a similar wellboat in July 2018. For the second well boat, a single building agreement has been entered into without options.

Delivered in 2020 and 2021
With the last two building agreements, NFT will within three years receive three new 3,200m3 wellboats from Havyard Ship Technology. The previously contracted vessel will be delivered in May 2020, while the current contract entry includes vessel deliveries respectively in December 2020 and June 2021.

The investment is financed by the Group’s own cash and bank loans.