NL town looking to buy shipyard for aquaculture service hub

Marystown Town Council, Canada, wants to buy the Marystown Shipyard to serve Grieg NL’s Placentia Bay salmon farm project.

The town has been in negotiations with owner, Peter Kiewit to buy the shipyard assets and land for approximately four months and is now close to a deal according to the thetelegram.

The shipyard in Marystown has been vacant since December 2015.

The Newfoundland-Norwegian partnership hub will “bring together key suppliers to enhance the industry’s supply chain effiency, enable access to key resources, improve advanced technology transfer and move Canada’s aquaculture production towards a more modern, sustainable and efficient future.”

On condition on the town purchasing the shipyard, the council has also been in talks with to lease another property, Marbase Marystown Inc, long-term. The company is looking to turn the sites into a service hub for the aquaculture industry.

The development largely depended on whether Grieg NL received environmental approval from the provincial government to move forward with its project. However, earlier this month, the USD250 million Placentia Bay farm and hatchery got the green-light and construction will begin within the next few weeks.

The deal to buy shipyard could be done within next month said Marystown mayor, Sam Synard: “It’s a slow process to buy an industrial footprint like that, of course, and we’re really hoping within the next month to be able to close the deal on the shipyard,” he added.


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