BC salmon farmers survive catastrophic flooding

“The devastation in the Lower Mainland and interior of BC is heartbreaking.”

Last week, torrential rains devastated vast swathes of western Canada’s British Columbia – dumping a month’s worth of rain in two days and causing floods and mudslides that swallowed stretches of highways and forced the evacuation of thousands of people.

Responding to an enquiry from SalmonBusiness for an assessment of the damage caused by the catastrophic weather, a spokesperson for the BC Salmon Farmers Association indicated that there hadn’t been any significant impact on salmon farming in the state due to the floods.

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The BC Salmon Farmers Association said, “The devastation in the Lower Mainland and Interior of BC is heartbreaking. As farmers our thoughts are with our colleagues who are struggling with the devasting loss of their livestock, their livelihoods, and in many cases their homes as well.”

“As Canadians, and British Columbians, our first and foremost concern is in finding ways to support those impacted by this destruction, and we will be actively looking for ways in which we can provide support and relief in the coming days and weeks.”


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