Non-profit asks Cooke to end Tassal’s use of projectiles on seals

A non-profit is asking Canadian salmon producer Cooke Inc to stop Tassal’s practice of using projectiles when driving seals away from salmon farms.

Cooke is set to takeover Tassal, the only salmon producer in Australia still using “bean bags” at seals. The so-called bean bags are fabric-coated plastic shells containing lead shot.

Fur seals. Photo: Ted Smith/Flickr

The non-profit SumOfUs started a petition, which currently has over 100,000 signatories.

“Tassal is using a barbaric and outdated method to deter seals from its salmon pens. The number of shots fired at seals is trending in the wrong direction. Canadian seafood company Cooke Inc’s takeover of Tassal presents an opportunity to end the practice of shooting seals,” it said.

SalmonBusiness has reached out to Cooke Inc for comment.