Nordic Aqua Partners have finally started the feeding at their land-based salmon farm in China

Sindre Nordeide

They are aiming for first harvest in 2024.

“Project execution has been excellent, and we are very satisfied with the progress at the construction site. With the first inlay of eggs and start of first feeding completed, we are gradually evolving from a pure project company to a farming company. The project continues to run according to the original plan,” Chairman of the board, Ragnar Joensen, says.

In their Q1 report, the company also states that they are scheduled for 20,000 tonnes in 2027.

The company have signed a contract with a local energy company to install solar cells at the plant. With this, they will be self-sufficient in 25 percent of the electricity needed to run first stage of the project.

The company has an operating profit for the first quarter of -4.8 million Danish kroner (€ 650,000) before tax.

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