Nordic Aquafarms take on bankrupt RAS supplier’s employees

Inter Aqua Advance folded at the beginning of the month. 

Last week SalmonBusiness wondered how news of the RAS supplier’s bankruptcy would affect Nordic Aquafarms . It now appears that the indoor salmon farmers will be taking on its staff who are trained in recirculating aquaculture system design, procurement and installation.

In a press release, CEO Erik Heim said:

“Nordic Aquafarms was one among a number of large customers the company has served in the RAS aquaculture industry over many years. We did not have any active IAA delivery contracts when the bankruptcy was announced, thus we had no economic exposure.”

Heim said that the company had the greatest sympathy for the competent and hardworking staff at IAA who became subject to this unfortunate event and noted that they had “delivered many RAS projects to major clients through the years.”

As a result, key employees have now signed contracts with Heim’s company who are working to open a $400 million land-based salmon farm in Belfast, Maine by next year.

A Nordic Aquafarms subsidiary office is now being set-up at Inter Aqua Advance’s former town in Aarhus, Denmark.

Heim said that the new development and new-found RAS independence will benefit Nordic Aquafarms upcoming expansions. “These new in-house competencies will reduce cost and risk in our ongoing and future projects. They enable Nordic Aquafarms to “leap frog” its development plan in becoming a world class land-based seafood producer with cutting edge design and a strong environmental profile,” he said.

Former IAA, head of design Mikkel Kristian Thomsen said “our team and myself chose to continue our career with Nordic Aquafarms as we are impressed by the professionalism in the team, the level of initiative and the ongoing innovation. We look forward to becoming an important part of Nordic Aquafarms.”


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