Nordlaks’ sea farm will be powered by clean energy from Siemens

editorial staff

Siemens will supply power supply and automation systems for Nordlaks'”Havfarm 1″.

“Havfarm 1” will be delivered in 2020 and is one of the largest development projects in the Norwegian aquaculture industry. Siemens believes this as great potential for the food industry in the years to come and is investing heavily in the industry, the company wrote in a press release.

Nordlaks’ construction of the 385-metre long and nearly 60-metre wide Havfarm 1 is one of many major development projects that can revolutionize the Norwegian aquaculture industry for the future. Siemens has secured the electrical and automation contract for “Havfarm 1.” Nordlaks plans to add a 7.5-km power cable with a capacity of 3.5 megawatts to “Havfarm 1” so that it is supplied with clean energy from land.

“The aquaculture industry is becoming an increasingly important part of Norwegian industry, where Norway has considerable advantages in terms of expertise and experience. We are pleased to help ensure that the Norwegian aquaculture industry will continue to be competitive,” said Siemens sales manager Torill Østingsen in Siemens.

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“We are working on a plan to develop a global competence centre in Norway for aquaculture,” added Østingsen.

Siemens’ delivery consists of an automation package, an electrical package in addition to an overall aquaculture part that includes communication with other suppliers of systems for the management and control of the biological side of the sea farm. The company will also contribute to the frequency control of six thruster motors that will ensure a good supply of fresh water in case of periods when there is little natural water exchanged.


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