Northern Harvest site under quarantine order as ISA detected

editorial staff

Provincial government quarantines site in Newfoundland, Canada, after detection of infectious salmon anemia (ISA).

In a statement on Facebook, the Mowi-owned Northern Harvest salmon farmer posted that the Provincial Government’s Aquatic Animal Health Division issued a quarantine order on the company’s Broad Cove site due to the confirmation of the viral disease.

“Northern Harvest Sea Farms will initiate quarantine protocols as per approved standard operating procedures, and is already in the process of harvesting the fish at the site,” the company wrote.

In mid-October, Northern Harvest had two other cases of ISA.  However, this did not contribute to the mortalities from early September. The temperature event that took place in late August that led to the mass mortality happened after the ISA fish in question were sampled, the salmon farmer wrote.

In those cases, on detection was for a site called Harvey Hill North, where a quarantine order was placed on September 9th by the Provincial Government’s Aquatic Animal Health Division. All fish from this site have already been harvested. For the other case, ISA was detected in a single salmon sampled from its Little Burdock which is currently empty.



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