Norway closes borders and ports to Russian ships

Aslak Berge

The government’s decision followed the EU.

Norway is closing its borders to Russian goods transport and its ports for Russian ships. Fishing vessels are exempt from the sanctions, NRK reported.

The decision was announced by the minister for foreign affairs on Friday.

The border station Storskog will be closed for the transport of all goods that are listed on the EU sanctions list, Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt (Labor) told NRK.

“We introduced the EU’s fifth sanctions package in Norway. This means that we’ve closed Storskog for freight transport immediately, that a ban on the transport of a number of chemicals is introduced. We make one exception, and that is for Svalbard, because that is where we have the Svalbard Treaty. Those who have signed it will be treated equally,” she said.

Russian ships will not be able to dock in Norway from 7 May.

“We closed Norwegian ports to Russian vessels, but we exclude fishing vessels. The EU has done the same,” Minister of Fisheries Bjørnar Skjæran (Labor) said.

This means that the transport of fish feed, from Cargill and Skretting’s factories in northern Norway, carried out by the cargo ship “Aleksander Gusev”, will be stopped.


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