Norway Royal Salmon invests €77 million in its first hatchery

Andreas Witzøe

Norway Royal Salmon (NRS) has been granted permission to produce up to ten million smolt, up to a size of up to 400 grams, in a new hatchery in Dåfjord, Troms, Northern Norway. Construction of the plant starts in September.

Back in 2017, SalmonBusiness reported that NRS had its plans for a hatchery in Dåfjord. Now it is finally clear that construction of the EUR 77 million site will begin in September this year.

“For us, this is an important initiative. This is the first major smolts bet that we have made in NRS. We are doing this as an important, further step in our development,” said Høstlund to SalmonBusiness.

The planned facility is about an hour away from Tromsø. MAP: Google

“It is an important strategic location with a central location for our activity in Northern Norway,” said Høstlund.

First smolt in 2021
NRS plans that the first smolt will come out of the plant in autumn 2021. Before that time, there is a lot that needs to be put in place. NRS has entered into an agreement with TotalRenovering, a local supplier of building services, for the construction of the facility.

“We have agreed with TotalRenovering on contract. They have brought partners AquaOptima and Overhalla Betongbygg into the project,” said Høstlund.

The site will use RAS technology.

“We are doing this smolt campaign because we are going to develop a plant that will help us deliver a quality product for dinner tables all over the world. Through sustainable growth, we will continue to grow and be profitable for those who invest in our company, and for the local communities we are a part of,” said Høstlund.

Suitable location
According to NRS, the area where the plant will be located has very good water quality and is a suitable location for smolt production.

On this plot in Dåfjord, the hatchery will be built. PHOTO: NRS

The plant will employ around 20 employees at the plant during the operational phase. Several appointments to the facility are already in place.

“These days we are working to expand the team further. Substantial expertise is required in a number of disciplines at a modern hatchery, and we believe that being proximity to Tromsø will be of great importance for creating a plant with expertise from the world’s best,” concluded Høstlund.


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