Norway to China salmon train is postponed for half a year because of Russian red tape

editorial staff

The first train with fresh salmon from Narvik, Norway, to Xi’an, China was supposed to leave around this time but has now been postponed until the summer.

“The project is awaiting a permit from the Russian authorities, which is why trial transport has been postponed,” said Narvik Port Director Rune Arnøy to NRK.

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This is not the first delay. The first train of fresh salmon was supposed to go in 2019 after Russian legislative amendments made it possible to transport fresh salmon from Europe to Asia through Russia. However, Russia has now stopped this.

If it does get the permit, the fish will be transported by train from Norway to China using existing transport solutions from Narvik via Kouvola, Finland, then on the Tran-Siberian Railway to the Chinese inland port of Xi’an.

Narvik Harbor has partnered with both Kouvola and Xi’an, and the train journey between these places takes around ten days. Life-extending tech from BluWrap is making sure the salmon stays fresh all the way.


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