Norway’s Socialists propose salmon royalty


Norway’s Socialist Left Party, or SV, has suggested next year’s budget be augmented with a three-pence-per-kilo “royalty” on farmed salmon, a suggestion the Progress Party — with their Finance Ministry portfolio — have called “a most-hostile motion”.

Progress Party fisheries spokesman, Kjell Bjoerge Freiberg PHOTO: Bjorn Inge Bergestuen

A levy, if introduced for 2019, would impose an industry wide tax burden of NOK 500 million kroner (EUR 52 million). Norway’s salmon-farmers drive an industry that yields yearly exports worth NOK 67.7 billion (EUR 7.04 billion).

“The motion from SV is so hostile to business that it’s scary,” Progress Party fisheries spokesman, Kjell Bjoerge Freiberg, said in a statement.

“Few would wish to invest in an industry that’ll be penalized for succeeding,” Freiberg stated.



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