Norwegian-American student partnership aims to improve maritime transport

How fast can Norway get its salmon out into the world market? Top students from Norway and America are on the case…

Today students and professors from the University of Tromsø and the the University of Washington in Seattle, will take the long salmon routes in Norway. The creative student collaboration – which will look into how to make the roads safer, more accessible, and efficient – is called “The Seafood Industry Transportation Challenge”.

The students have different fields of study such as logistics and transport planning, computer science communication technology as well as data will be working together at a two-day workshop. At the end, they will present their solutions.

“Physical remediation of the road is an important part of the solution, and this cooperation does not replace it. Nevertheless, we believe new technology or the use of new or established technology can contribute, even in the short term” said Torgeir Vaa of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

From here, large amounts of Norwegian seafood are exported, students are being tasked to improve the islands roads. PHOTO: NVDB, Geovekst, municipalities and Open Street Map contributors

“When we put together a group of different subjects from different cultures, we can expect new and different solutions than those we already have at present. These are not randomly chosen students we have picked to solve the Norway’s transport challenges, they are the best of the best that come from these universities. To be chosen, they have documented both the motivation and their professional qualifications,” concluded Vaa.


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