Norwegian company helping to develop Iran’s aquaculture industry


Helgeland Plast in Mo i Rana, Norway transfers technology and expertise across national borders.

According to Rana Blad, Helgeland Plast has already supplied Iran with components and parts, and has visited the country to install facilities.

“Iranian authorities want to develop aquaculture and they are open to foreign technology, but are also clear that if they can buy the pipework locally, they will do so. It’s understandable – we would have done the same. But the key components are made at only one place, with our subcontractors. We own all the forms and so on,” said Stig Meisfjord, CEO of Helgeland Plast.

Minister of Fisheries, Per Sandberg, visited the company in Northern Norway.

Also visiting was Trude Olafsen, business developer with AKVA Group, the company that owns Helgeland Plast.

She told Rana Blad that Iran is an interesting country, and that the company supplies fish farms in the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea.


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