Norwegian exports of fresh salmon fillets are up by 30 per cent

Aslak Berge

Red hot market for processed products.

As of week 35, Norwegian fish exporters have sent out 81,289 tonnes of fresh salmon fillets, according to export statistics from the Norwegian Seafood Council and Statistics Norway. This is an increase of approximately 30 per cent from the same time last year.

The largest buyer is the EU, which has swallowed 38,214 tonnes. Within the EU, Poland and France have bought the most, with 10,271 tonnes and 7,364 tonnes respectively.

Much of the fillet exports are sent to overseas markets. The fish travels light, without heads or tails.

The USA has secured 17,466 tonnes in 2020. This represents 34.8 per cent. A key driver in fillet exports to the United States is the fact that Chile has occasionally had problems delivering fish in 2021, as a function of last year’s algae loss.

Japan is traditionally also an important fillet market. Solens Rike has bought 13,056 tonnes of fresh salmon fillets from Norway – up 30 per cent from last year.

The average price for fresh salmon fillets in the first eight months of the year is NOK 92.84 (€9.13) per kilo.

So far this year, Norway has exported 916,474 tonnes (converted to round weight) of salmon – compared to 783,511 tonnes in 2020.


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