“Norwegian Gannet” has harvested and delivered 7,000 tonnes of salmon to Hirtshals

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But so-called harvest vessel still faces resistance from Norway’s Ministry of Trade and Industry.

“I just had a meeting in Hirtshals with the mayor who thought Norway is behaving like a banana republic in this case,” said Hav Line director Carl-Erik Arnesen to Dagens Næringsliv.

The shipping company runs the harvest vessel “Norwegian Gannet” – the world’s largest floating salmon processor – which so far this year has harvested and delivered 7,000 tonnes of Norwegian salmon to company’s packing plant in Hirtshals, Denmark.

As previously reported by SalmonBusiness, “Norwegian Gannet” has been struggling with fisheries minister Harald T. Nesvik (FrP) who requires that production fish must be sorted in Norway. This will hamper the efficiency of the vessel, thinks Arnesen.

Production fish are fish with visible wounds, malformations and the like, which means fish which is considered to be of lower quality than superior salmon grade. Normally, around three percent of a harvested fish is called production fish.

Hav Line had previously received a temporary permit from Bergen District Court to sort the fish in Denmark.

“The state has appealed the decision to the district court and we are in a dialogue with the ministry with a view to obtaining an exemption until that case has finally been decided. We believe that the NFD understands that there should be tidy and at least temporary arrangements that safeguard the obligations and assignments that Hav Line has,” said Arnesen to DN.

The Minister of Fisheries minister denied that he had it in for “Norwegian Gannet”.

“I am for innovation and innovation in the seafood industry. I am also concerned about ensuring that our regulations for quality and reputation are adhered to. As for the regulatory change, I would like to remind you that it is a clarification of the already applicable sorting requirements. I’m not looking to stop “Norwegian Gannet”. The company is free to operate, but they must comply with current requirements on the same level as all players. The rules for fish quality must safeguard quality and Norwegian reputation, and every harvest boat must adhere to this. The specific case with Hav Line is still being processed by the Ministry,” said Harald T. Nesvik.


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