Norwegian giant “Smart Fishfarm” one step closer to reality

Received positive news from Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries.

Mariculture, 51-percent-owned by SalMar, earlier applied for 16 development licenses. Today, they got the big news confirming that the application process will continue with the view of awarding one or more licenses.

The concept, “Smart Fishfarm”, is a EUR 157 million “offshore” enclosed salmon grow-out for three million salmon. It has a diameter of 160 meters.

In comparision: “Ocean Farm 1″, SalMar’s giant rig, is built for 1.5 million salmon and cost EUR 72 million with a diameter of “only” 110 meters.

“It’ll be able to tolerate wave heights of up to 31 metres,” said SalMar founder and majority owner, Gustav Witzoe, in april to Norwegian newspaper Adressa.

“That means the pen can lie well out in the Norwegian Sea, and SalMar has started work toward identifying the area best-suited environmentally for its establishment.”


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