Norwegian minister of finance is open to adjusting the resource rent tax

editorial staff

The design of the proposed salmon tax will take place in the Parliamen in the spring, and not in budget negotiations with the Socialist party (SV), says Finance Minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum.

According to Klassekampen, who adds that the finance minister is open to adjusting the proposed 40 percent salmon tax, and that he hopes that more than budget partner SV will join the final decision.

“Even though there has been a lot of noise now, I hope that several parties will agree that we need a certain resource rent tax. The wider it becomes in the Storting (Parliament), the better,” says Vedum.

According to the finance minister, there will now be some comments in the state budget that they agree with the main thinking, but the design of the tax itself will come as a separate proposal in the Storting in the spring.

At the national board meeting of Vedum’s the Center Party on Tuesday, former Salangen mayor and fish farming advocate Ivar Prestbakmo won the majority that the Center Party should ensure that the new salmon tax should be “such that diversity, Norwegian ownership, predictable framework conditions and value creation are safeguarded for the industry throughout the country” and that “so that the small and medium-sized companies are largely protected”.

Prestbakmo tells Klassekampen that what he means by these formulations is that the bottom deduction on the salmon tax must be much higher than was the case in the proposal that Vedum first put forward earlier this autumn.

“The minimum deduction must be at least 10,000 tonnes, i.e. a doubling,” he says.


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