Norwegian PM has “full confidence” in fisheries minister Per Sandberg despite Iran holiday allegations

Stian Olsen

However the Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, pointed out that Sandberg had breached internal regulations when he travelled to Iran.

Solberg has spoken publicly for the first time about the Norwegian fisheries minister’s private Iranian trip with Iranian-Norwegian fish exporter, Bahareh Letnes.

The Prime Minister confirmed that Sandberg reported the Iran trip two days after arriving in the country, and violated the internal rules of The Office of the Prime Minister. Every minister should report before going to another country.

“I’ve talked to Sandberg. It is a violation of the regulations we have in order to know where ministers are at all times,” said Solberg.

But Sandberg has “full confidence”, according to the PM.

“I have confidence in Sandberg, and in our country it is allowed to make mistakes”.

She stressed that Sandberg did not go for business, nor had a meeting with Iranian authorities. It was a private holiday, said Solberg.

According to Solberg, she has known about the relationship between Sandberg and Letnes for a while.  Sandberg confirmed yesterday that the couple had been together for 2-3 months.


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