Norwegian salmon auction continues on Thursday

Editorial staff

The Ministry of Trade and Fisheries has confirmed that the auction was not concluded on Wednesday.

This year’s auction of biomass growth started on Wednesday morning. The minimum prices were previously set between NOK 100,000 (€10,000) and 128,000 (€12,800) per tonne, depending on the production region.

The auction did not end on Wednesday, and will continue on Thursday.

Press officer Margrethe Beate Rosbach in the Ministry of Trade and Fisheries stated in an e-mail to E24 that the ministry “can confirm that the auction is finished for the day and that it will continue tomorrow at 0930”.

32,887 tonnes of production capacity is available distributed over a total of eight different production areas.

At the previous auction, in August 2020, the permits were sold for a record total of NOK 5.98 billion (€598 million), twice as much as at the auction in 2018.

According to IntraFish, which quotes an anonymous source, capacity is now set to be sold for NOK four billion (€400 million).

Seafood Norway and Seafood Companies have previously issued a joint letter asked the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans to postpone the upcoming auction.

“It is directly irresponsible to hold an auction as the situation is now. The companies do not have an overview of how taxation will be in the future, there is a complete standstill in investments and reasonably chaotic during the day,” Robert Eriksson said on behalf of the two main organisations in the seafood industry.


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