Norwegian salmon billionaire blasts Communist Party over “dogmatic attempt to pit owners and employees against each other”

SalMar’s main shareholder Gustav Witzøe hit out over calls for increased taxes.

Communist Party leader Bjørnar Moxnes believes it is “nonsense” that billionaires create jobs.

“It has never been like that, it is people’s work that creates billionaires. The rich own other people’s work and unfortunately have the right to take the profits. Does anyone believe that Gustav Witzøe has created his billions himself? No, it is those who have worked for him who have done it. And then he has got insanely good access to the community’s resources, namely our fjords,” Moxnes told Bø .

Bjørnar Moxnes. PHOTO: The Storting

Wants increased tax
The Communist Party leader is advocating for an increase in corporation tax, a tightening of wealth tax for those with the largest assets, and an increase in income tax for those who earn more than NOK one million (€99,600).

In a long e-mail to the newspaper, SalMar founder Gustav Witzøe came out harshly against Moxnes. He believes the move is a “dogmatic attempt to pit owners and employees against each other”.

“It is the interaction that creates the values,” he writes.

Witzøe believes that increased tax pressure will lead to increased emigration. He emphasizes that both Zurich and London are attractive places to live, but says that “even the most selfless person will easily be able to calculate that the company he owns will retain more of its equity – the seed itself – by settling, for example, in the social democratic Sweden.”

“Capitalism has created prosperity and welfare, while communism has created poverty, destitution and a lack of freedom, with the working class being the big loser,” Witzøe writes.


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