Norwegian salmon producer announces name change as part of rebranding

Editorial Staff

Norwegian salmon producer SinkabergHansen has announced a name change, rebranding the company as Sinkaberg.

The announcement was made on Thursday, June 13. Along with the new name, the company, which produces more than 35,000 tons of salmon a year, has introduced a new logo and other branding updates.

Despite the change Sinkaberg is clean to stress continuity.

“Everything else is the same: What we are doing, what we are passionate about, what we want to improve at – and everything that we want you to pay attention to,” the company wrote on Facebook.

In March 2023, Bewi Invest acquired the 44.4 percent stake previously owned by the Berg-Hansen family. Sinkaberg Invest maintains control with 53.6 percent of the shares.

It is located in central Norway, with operations in Naeroysund, Bindal, Bronnoy and Heroy. Its head office and processing plant are located on Maroy.


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