Haaland deal: Norwegian Seafood Council CEO reflects on landing ‘the big one’

Editorial Staff

Norwegian Seafood Council secures Manchester City striker Erling Haaland as ambassador

In a move set to amplify Norway’s seafood industry globally, the Norwegian Seafood Council has successfully signed football phenomenon Erling Braut Haaland as a brand ambassador.

Christian Chramer, Managing Director and CEO of the Norwegian Seafood Council, took a moment to reflect on the significance of this partnership on Wednesday.

Appropriately perhaps, Chramer likened the signing to a stroke of good fortune in fishing.

Erling Haaland agrees new contract; 2.5 year deal to promote Norwegian seafood

“Some days you really hit the jackpot with fishing,” Chramer wrote in Norwegian. “You’ve waited, worked, adjusted your plan, and had a long-term goal. Then you see that something might happen. You sense that luck might be on your side, and suddenly the timing is right. That’s how it was when the Seafood Council signed a deal with the world’s most popular football player: Erling Braut Haaland,” Chramer wrote on LinkedIn.

Highlighting the natural synergy between Haaland and Norwegian seafood, Chramer underscored the potential to strengthen Norway’s brand association in key export markets.

“In Norway and our priority export markets for seafood, Haaland and Norwegian seafood are a perfect match,” Chramer said, emphasizing the power of Haaland’s global appeal to elevate awareness and preference for Norwegian seafood products.

Expressing pride in securing Haaland and the national teams as partners, Chramer outlined plans to capitalize on this opportunity to promote Norwegian seafood effectively. “We have gained new, great opportunities through these two agreements. Now the big job begins,” he said, outlining a vision to leverage Haaland’s influence to develop innovative marketing initiatives.

With Haaland and the national teams leading the charge, the Norwegian Seafood Council aims to elevate Norway’s seafood industry to new heights. “As the spearhead of our seafood team, we have a leading figure with enormous will to win, capacity, and love for Norwegian seafood,” Chramer wrote


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