Norwegian Seafood Council reports “never before” best first half for seafood exports powered by salmon

The results were achieved during the first half of 2018.

Norwegian Seafood Council today reported that another record has been set for Norwegian seafood exports – which has been driven by salmon exports.

Demands from EU markets such as Poland, France and Denmark – which have seen an increase in fresh salmon – are behind the big numbers.

And those numbers are indeed big. In June, 86,000 tonnes of salmon were exported with a total value of EUR 592 million. This was an increase in volume of 17%, while the export value increased by EUR 36 million, or 6 per cent, compared to June last year. The average price for whole fresh salmon in June was EUR 6,6 per kg, compared to EUR 7,2 per kg in June 2017.

“The first half of 2018 has set yet another record for Norwegian seafood exports. Although the figures are largely driven by salmon exports, we are also seeing the best half-yearly results for cod, saithe and haddock,” said Paul Aandahl, Analyst with the Norwegian Seafood Council.

“The main reason for the value added by salmon is increased demand from the EU. We are seeing a clear increase in consumption of fresh salmon in markets such as France, the UK and Italy. Reduced domestic supplies of salmon in the EU and strong Euro and British currencies have also contributed positively” added Aandahl.


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