Norwegian Veterinary Institute CEO quits with immediate effect

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Announcement comes amid disagreements regarding the direction of the institute.

The Managing Director of the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Torill Moseng, has announced her resignation with immediate effect.

The announcement, made on Monday, January 22 comes amid disagreements regarding the strategic direction of the institute.

“I have just had my last working day at the Veterinary Institute,” Moseng wrote on LinkedIn. “I have decided to terminate my employment, as there was a significant divergence in views about the future strategic direction and development of the Veterinary Institute.”

In her LinkedIn post, Moseng expressed gratitude to her colleagues at the Veterinary Institute.

The institute’s board, led by Chairman Øyvind Fylling-Jensen, acknowledged Moseng’s contribution and wished her success in future endeavors.

Merete Hofshagen, currently the Department Director for Animal Health, Animal Welfare, and Food Safety at the institute, will serve as the acting Managing Director until a permanent replacement is appointed.

Moseng, who began her tenure in autumn 2021, is widely recognized for her contributions to veterinary science, including serving as president of the Norwegian Veterinary Association from 2014 to 2021 and as a television veterinarian on TV 2.

The board plans to discuss the matter at an upcoming meeting.

About the institute

Established in 1891 in Oslo and now headquartered in Ås, the Institute’s primary functions include diagnostics, research, innovation, monitoring, risk assessment, consulting, and communication.

Initially focusing on animal diseases like tuberculosis and brucellosis, the Institute has expanded its responsibilities over time. It now covers a broad spectrum of activities encompassing the entire chain from plants and animal feed to fish, animals, and food for human consumption.

As a public-sector institution, the Veterinary Institute operates under the Norwegian Ministry of Agriculture and Food and also executes tasks for the Ministry of Industry and Fisheries. Its funding is sourced from these ministries and the Research Council of Norway, accounting for about 40% of its revenue, with the rest coming from research projects and contracts. In 2021, its total income was estimated at NOK 421 million ($40 million).

The Institute’s Board, appointed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, includes Øyvind Fylling-Jensen (Chair), Inger Solberg, Synnøve Vatn, Steinar Reiten, and Eirik Welde, with Gunnar Simonsen as a substitute member.


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