Norwegians open world-first wellboat SIM

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If you think simulators are just for pilots and offshore crews, think again.

Norway-based wellboat technology developer, MMC First Process, has a learning module for the crews and captains of live fish transport vessels, too.

The world’s first wellboat simulator opened on Wednesday at Fosnavaag Ocean Academy, and MMC First was in on developing its fish-handling functions. The Academy, now called, FOSAC, is owned by a good cross-section of Norway’s offshore fleet owners.

Recent wellboat incidents —  the sinking of the Seikongen, another vessel’s wayward travel and the drowning of a crew member —  have shown “the increased risk of incorrect use resulting in reduced fish welfare, damage to equipment and injury to personnel”.

‘We have seen for ourselves and received feedback from our customers that there is a need to be able to practise carrying out these complex operations in a safe environment,” a statement said.

The wellboat-focused MMC is wholly owned by Havyard Group, a shipyard and marine technology group of companies.

MMC says its engineers spent a lot of time developing the simulator’s water treatment and fish handling program. It’s the first known learning module offering crews a chance to master vessel and fish-welfare systems.

“Being able to carry out operations correctly on the first attempt is good for fish welfare, and it saves time and money,” a statement said.


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