Nova Austral appealing $1.5 million fine from Chile’s environmental regulator

Nova Austral is appealing a $1.5 million fine handed to the company by Chile’s environmental regulator over alleged infractions committed by the company between 2016-2018, sources from the industry confirmed.

The fine was imposed on the company over alleged activities that occurred during a production cycle prior to the restructuring of the company’s administration. Nova Austral was accused of inadequate mortality and solid wast management at its Aracena 19 grow-out center, based in Chile’s Alberto de Agostini national park.

Five alleged infractions were identified by Chile’s Superintendency of the Environment at the time, most seriously the claim that Nova Austral failed to send a digitized copy of its daily mortality control log corresponding to the two year production cycle.

The fine was announced after an investigation by the environmental regulator, officials from the country’s Fisheries and Aquaculture Service and the General Directorate of the Maritime Territory and Merchant Marine.

Nova Austral has previously condemned the allegations of infractions as “completely misaligned” with the company’s ethics, stating that it had commissioned an internal and independent investigation to identify and address errors.

For more than two years, Nova Austral has completely renewed its internal management structure, deploying numerous measures to correct operating errors, as well as strengthening ethical and compliance standards. Nova Austral argues this move is proof of its aim to operate “with the highest standards of environmental care, sustainability and transparency.”

Nova Austral and the Chile environmental regulator have not publicly commented on the situation.


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