Seafood Watch rates Nova Austral salmon ‘Good Alternative’

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US Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program awarded the Sixty South premium salmon from Chilean salmon farmer Nova Austral its Good Alternative rating, reports La Prensa Austral.

The evaluation process lasted more than a year.

According to Sixty South’s brand manager, Nicos Nicolaides, this is the first and only premium salmon bred in the cold and icy waters of Antarctica that has been recognized by this program, obtaining a final score of 5.42 points (10), placing it among the best valued Atlantic crops in the guide.

“We are proud to see our efforts validated by such an important organization, and the honor reinforces our commitment to elevate salmon to the highest standards of sustainability while protecting where we live and work,” he said.

The name Sixty South comes from the source of the water used in the salmon farm, located inside the Alberto de Agostini National Park in Tierra del Fuego, at 60 degrees south latitude. The water temperature stays between 5 °C and 9 °C for most of the year. This location has made it possible for the company to completely eliminate the use of antibiotics.

US market
Nova Austral, owned by investment funds Altor and Bain Capital, is headquartered in Porvenir, where the company has a processing plant with 40,000 tons of capacity, capable of delivering fresh and frozen products worldwide. The Sixty South Salmon brand was launched on the U. S. market earlier this year.


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