Nova Austral/Trusal joint venture reports ISA

editorial staff

Virus found at Salmones Porvenir’s cages.

In a statement to the Santiago Stock Exchange, it was reported that ISA (infectious salmon anemia) has been detected in two salmon cages Salmones Porvenir maintain in the Magellan region, Southern Chile.

The salmon farm, which is a joint venture between Nova Austral (half-owned by private equity firm Bain Capital) and Trusal (a Salmones Austral subsidiary), estimates a loss of around USD 700,000. The project was announced in February.

The two cages contain approximately 172,311 specimens, with an average weight of 430.4g and will be harvested by harvested within four days.

“The impact on the JV, as a result of the anticipated harvest indicated, an estimated loss for Salmones Porvenir SpA of USD 700,000. The company continues to assess the situation, so any relevant antecedents that may arise in this regard, will be informed immediately to that Commission and the market”, concluded Salmones Austral CEO Gastón Cortez.

Trusal is owned by 99.99 per cent of Salmones Austral. Trusal owns 50 per cent of the shares in Salmones Porvenir.


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